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The state of Baden-Wuerttemberg in Europe

The  preamble to the state constitution of Baden-Württemberg expressly mentions the duty to promote cross border cooperation. It is the stated goal of the state government to insure the principles of federalism and the principle of subsidiarity occupy a central place in the formation of Europe.

The state can look back over decades of experience. Cities and municipalities were very quick to establish partnerships with international communities. Over time, the government intensified the regional, cross-border partnerships in the Lake Constance, Hochrhein, and Upper Rhine areas to provide opportunities for the people there to get better acquainted and experience first hand the advantages of a Europe that is growing closer together.

The regions along both sides of the borders, especially because of the institutionalized cooperation in the form of the  Oberrheinkonferenz, the   Hochrheinkommission, and the  International Bodenseekonferenz in which the agency for cross border cooperation and european affairs is an active participant, represent above average growth in comparison to the overall figures for a broader Europe and are often used as a model for other border regions.

Baden-Wuerttemberg, as all other federal states, has established a lobby in Brussels: This provides the important function of opening doors to the European institutions based there. Today, the development of European competence at the district government level is of growing importance, especially in border areas. 


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 Landesregierung Baden-Württemberg in Europa und der Welt
 Landesregierung Baden-Württemberg - Über Grenzen hinweg

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The legal basis for cross border cooperation:

The legal basis for cross border cooperation is found in EU regulations, treaties, and international partnership agreements that include administrative responsibilities to co-finance joint projects, detach staff resources, and provide administrative activities for national and international partners.


Cornerstones of cross border cooperation in Baden-Wuerttemberg (German only)


 Bilanz und Neuordnung der grenzüberschreitenden Zusammenarbeit des Landes 1999


 Eckpunkte einer Neukonzeption der grenzüberschreitenden Zusammenarbeit des Landes 2006

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Regierungspräsidium Freiburg, SGZ



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